Makarska riviera is a part of the Adriatic coast and is in the middle area of the Dalmatia region. The riviera is 60 km long and 3 km wide. It's positioned in the arms of the the grand and beautiful mountain Biokovo (1762 m) and is bathed in sun for more than 2700 hours a year, with an
average temperature of 20 0C. Makarska riviera is a real Mediterranean heaven. Makarska, ancient Makar, a beautiful and peaceful town, placed at the foothills of mount Biokovo, which itself is adored by many hikers, adventurers and tourists. In 1981. Mount Biokovo was proclaimed a Nature park. It features three different kinds of landscape. At the foothill you have fertile patches, above them the harsh rocky areas and above them you have the mountain area filled with small but rich valleys and deep and dangerous crevasses. Some of them are amongst the deepest areas in Croatia.
The nature park Biokovo is full of unique aromatic and healing herbs. Each year it attracts thousands of hikers, mountaineers, paragliders,... they have found their peace of heaven, even out of the summer season.

Makarska is the sea port and tourist center of the Makarska riviera. As it lays in the defending arms of the Osejava peninsula from the east and St. Peter peninsula from the north-west. It's population is mostly occupied by tourism, but also by traditionally taking care of vineyards, olive groves and fishing.